Children are a Vital Part of Their Parish Community

The parish community provides a supportive environment for families to grow in their faith. Children can support their parish community in meaningful ways. Here are a few ideas:

Participate in Mass

Coming together as a parish community to celebrate the Eucharist is a central aspect of Catholic life. Encourage your children to actively participate in Mass by attending regularly, listening attentively to the readings and homily, and joining in the prayers and responses. This helps them grow in their faith and contributes to the communal worship of the parish.

Serve as Altar Servers

In most parishes, children can become altar servers. This role allows them to assist the priest during Mass, helping with tasks such as carrying the cross, holding the book, or preparing the altar. Serving at the altar is a meaningful way for children to actively participate in the liturgy.

Join Parish Ministries

Depending on their age and abilities, children can get involved in various parish ministries. They can join the choir, serve as lectors or extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion (if permitted by the parish), or assist with hospitality and welcoming duties. These ministries provide opportunities for children to contribute their talents and serve the parish community.

Volunteer for Parish Events:

Your children can volunteer to help with parish events and activities. They can assist with setting up and cleaning up for parish gatherings, fundraisers, or community outreach programs. By actively participating in these events, children learn the value of service and develop a sense of belonging to their parish community.

Pray for the Parish

Parents, grandparents, and children can collectively pray for their parish community, its priests, and all its members. They can offer prayers of thanksgiving, intercession, and petition for the needs of the parish. This spiritual support is a powerful way for children and their families to contribute to the well-being of their parish community.


It is important to note that the level of involvement may vary depending on the child’s age and the specific guidelines of the parish. Parents and guardians should work closely with their children and the parish leadership to identify appropriate opportunities for involvement and potential leadership roles.

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