Rituals can be seen as habits with meaning and purpose.  Daily routines that include your faith can become sacred.

The cards below are practical suggestions on how to introduce, practice, and experience your faith during everyday moments of family life.

Bath Time

Throughout the Bible, water symbolizes purity and renewal.  In our Catholic faith, we are baptized with water; during the Mass, the priest pours wine and water into a chalice, and people bless themselves with holy water.  Bath time can be fun and refer to our faith when bath toys include Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the whale, the Apostles fishing, etc.

Brushing Teeth

We are supposed to brush our teeth at least two times a day.  This daily routine doesn’t have to be monotonous.  With Alexa, your family can engage with Brush with the Bible, where an informative message is given each time your child brushes his or her teeth.  You can also ask Siri or Google to play The Bible Alphabet Song.

Bed Time

Settling down for bed provides a rich opportunity for comfortable and soothing routines.  Parents and children can talk about their blessings of the day, what they are thankful for, what they did that would make Jesus happy, and how much they love God.  A passage from a Children’s Bible can be read, followed by traditional or novel bedtime prayers.

Car Time

Car time is perfect for fun games, including ones about our faith.  One example: each person takes a turn looking outside for something unique that God created.  No repeats allowed, and use a 5-second countdown; keep going until you’re out.  The last person who is still in wins the game.  For 7 more ideas, see Bible-Themed Car Games for Kids.


Before a child leaves for school, a sports competition, or a sleep-over, bless the child with your thumb, making the Sign of the Cross on their forehead.  Before a parent leaves for work, say a brief prayer with your children for each family member to follow Christ this day, wherever they may go, all the way to home again.

Coming Home

Before jumping too far into a need activity or routine, family members can briefly pause and thank God for their return.  This can also be an opportunity for a hug and a kiss, to ask how the other person’s day was, and words of encouragement and gratitude when appropriate.

Anniversaries and Birthdays

On the birthday or an anniversary of a departed loved one, the family can do something that that the person loved – from making a special meal to visiting a favorite place.  Each person can recall a special memory, and a prayer can be said for the person’s eternal salvation and peace with our Lord.

Reading Time

Reading with your children is a beautiful way to bond with them, stimulate their imagination, and foster a love for learning while spending quality time together. When choosing books, consider selecting those that align with Catholic values and teachings. These books can help reinforce the faith and values you are teaching your children.


Mealtime is not just about satisfying our physical hunger; it is a time to come together as a family, to pause from our busy lives and engage in meaningful conversations, laughter, and support. By making mealtime a priority, we create a space for open communication, deepening our relationships with our family members.

Chores / Clean-up Time

Children and chores go hand in hand, as chores teach important life skills and responsibility, and contribute to the overall well-being of the family. Assigning age-appropriate chores to children helps them develop a sense of responsibility and self-discipline. Work is a gift from God, and it has a spiritual dimension. By engaging in chores, children learn that their work, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, has value and contributes to the greater good.

TV Time

Enjoying TV as a family can be a way to relax and spend time together. It can be a time to laugh, discuss, and engage in conversations about the shows or movies being watched. It is important to choose programs that align with our Christian values and promote positive messages. It is also important to balance TV time with other activities, such as playing games, reading together, or participating in outdoor activities, to provide a well-rounded and enriching family life.

The Importance of Downtime & Honoring the Sabbath

Sunday is considered the Lord’s Day, a day of rest and worship. Honoring the Sabbath is an important practice that allows us to set aside time for God, devotion, and renewal. In our fast-paced and demanding world, it is crucial to prioritize quality downtime and rest as a family, especially on Sundays. This means setting boundaries and creating a schedule that allows time for God, as well as rest and relaxation.