Music and Faith

Using music as a tool to help children learn about God’s presence in their lives can be both powerful and deeply moving. Music has a unique way of touching hearts and conveying messages that words alone cannot. Here are several ways parents can use music to help their children connect with their spirituality.

Christian Music and Hymns

Introduce your children to a variety of Christian music, including traditional hymns, contemporary Christian music, gospel, and worship songs. These can help children feel connected to a community of faith and understand different aspects of God’s nature and love.

Holiday Music

Experience the Seasons of Advent and Lent in a whole new way by hearing the sounds of worship during these holy times of preparation.  During the height of Christmas, hear how Christmas carols (vs. trendy Christmas songs) can promote the true meaning of the holiday for your family.

Singing Together

Make singing a part of your family’s daily routine, whether it’s during worship, family devotions, or just for fun. Singing together can be a joyful way to feel closer to God and each other.

Learning Musical Instruments

Encourage your children to learn to play a musical instrument, and choose songs that reflect their faith to practice and perform. This not only helps in their musical development but also allows them to express their faith through music.

Writing Songs

If your children are inclined, encourage them to write their own songs or lyrics that express their feelings about God, their questions, their hopes, and their gratitude. Songwriting can be a therapeutic and creative way to explore and express their faith.

Attending Mass

Participate in Mass together, where music plays a central role in connecting with God. This can help children understand the communal aspect of worship and the power of music to unite believers in prayer and praise.

Christian Music Videos

Watch and discuss Christian music videos together. Many artists produce videos that are not only musically engaging but also tell stories or convey messages that can spark meaningful conversations about faith.

Musical Bible Stories

Find musical adaptations of Bible stories or Christian themes. These can be especially engaging for younger children, helping them to remember stories and concepts through catchy songs and melodies.

Prayer and Meditation with Music

Use instrumental Christian music or worship songs as a background for prayer or meditation time with your children. This can help create a peaceful, reflective atmosphere conducive to feeling God’s presence.

Exploring Different Traditions

Expose your children to the rich variety of Christian musical traditions from around the world, including Gregorian chants, African American spirituals, Latin American Christian music, and more. This can broaden their understanding of the global Christian community and the many ways people express their faith through music.

Music at Mass

Music enhances the participation of the faithful and contributes to the beauty and solemnity of the liturgical celebration of Mass through a variety of styles, including traditional hymns, chants, contemporary compositions, and cultural expressions. Saint Augustine famously said, “To sing is to pray twice.” The next time you are at Mass you can listen for and participate in the Processional Hymn, the Gloria, the Sanctus, the Great Amen, etc. To hear a sample of many of these, see Music of the Mass (video).

Make Your Playlist!

You don’t have to “listen” far to hear God in many popular, mainstream songs; sometimes, you just have to listen for it. Here are a few examples: “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe; “When You Believe” by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston; “Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum; “Let My Love Open the Door” by Pete Townshend; “Yahweh” and “All Because Of You” by U2; and “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” by David Lee Murphy and Kenny Chesney, just to name a few.


By integrating music into your children’s spiritual lives, you’re providing them with a valuable tool for worship, reflection, and expression. See the following resources on how music can help your children internalize their faith and experience God’s presence in a profound and personal way.