Report #5. Practices for Forming Faith with Young Adults

Young adults have reached a life stage that calls for a lot of sorting. They have had twenty plus years of rules, roles, and responsibilities provided by parents, teachers, friends, media, pastors, and other key influencers. As they launch into adulthood, they must sort through all of that and decide what to take with them and what to leave behind, what to keep just as it is and what to reshape to suit their individual identities. Our key question is this: Where does faith and religious practice fit in the sorting process? What factors lead to them integrate a religious faith into their identify and life, and what factors prompt them to leave religious faith and practice behind?

Specifically, in this article we seek to respond to these four questions:

  1. What about faith transmission is relevant to young adults and young adult faith formation?
  2. What does the body of literature show are the most important contributors to effective faith formation with young adults?
  3. What does the literature show are the activities, tasks, and behaviors that bolster faith formation with young adults?
  4. What are the implications for faith formation leaders, and church communities as a whole?

With cogent responses to these four questions, we hope to offer you an overall picture of young adult faith development and give you insights that can lead to innovative and effective approaches and strategies for young adult ministry that assist faith transmission. From that work, we are confident, will emerge best practices for the future of faith formation in churches.

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