Silent Homilies

How little things can make a big difference

In families where religion is transmitted successfully, sacred objects are powerful. Statues of saints and the Blessed Mother, candles near photos of deceased members of the family, crucifixes on the wall, pictures of Jesus knocking at the door – all these can serve as silent homilies for children. These types of objects send a sacred message and serve as reminders of God’s continued presence in your life and home.

The cards below offer some practical suggestions for silent homilies in your own home.


Hanging a crucifix in a central place in your home and each bedroom can serve as a constant reminder that Christ has conquered sin and death for our eternal salvation. The crucifix can encourage children to learn about the significance of the Passion and Resurrection, which can lead to a deeper appreciation for their faith.

Statues of Saints

Having a statue of a saint or the Blessed Mother can remind your family of your belief in God and point everyone in the direction of Christ. The statues can encourage your children to ask questions about the followers of Christ and can remind your family that they are not alone on their journey to Heaven.

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